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Have you struggled...

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when a child (or you) hit a certain age?


I remember my mother freaked out at 30. Seriously. It wasn't long-lasting or anything, but it was a little while and just really hit her.

I was determined that I wouldn't freak out at 30 and I didn't.


My daughter turned 20. The day started out fine. I had some times of being a bit more emotional but didn't really think anything of it. I guess I felt they were justified.

But then this afternoon, I talked about things like her first picture and holding her. And a song came on. I lost it. She's TWENTY.


So I called my mom thinking that if *I* am old then my mom is even older. LOL. How bad is that?


Anyway, we have lots of little people around and no doubt that actually made it easier.

I can imagine how nuts I would have been without the five littles to give me the joys of little people while I lament my "baby" being so grown.


We don't do birthdays so my mom said "get a job" instead (she actually has a job, but my mother doesn't agree with it...weird).

But I have thought back 20 years. And through the years.


The years go so incredibly fast.

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Nope. Never have, never will.


Life is a gift. I learned that viscerally when I spent the weeks surrounding my 30th birthday watching my dad die, and the actual birthday was one of the worst days.


Since that was my first "bad birthday", I never had the chance to get all weird about it. And, ever since, I've just been so happy to not have anyone I love dying, that I am pretty low maintenance and happy.

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Jen, I think that is more it. I can't imagine this lasting more than a day or two.

But it just goes SO fast. 20 years! Goodness.




Yes, that is how it is. Sometimes it is just an hour or so of...what? You are how old already?!


My mom always told me how time flies when you get older and was always amazed that I was reading or driving or dating...whatever, and she'd get that look. I'd roll my eyes and go on my way. Now I KNOW what that is like, it really does go fast. It is bittersweet.


And I don't get that way about my own birthdays, I really don't care one way or another.

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Doesn;t bother me at all. Makes me happy. First of all, soon after I was born, the doctors told my mom I would probably die. I survived and had no ill effects. Then when I was little, my older brother told me that he thought I wouldn;t survive till 40. Well, next year I am turning 50 and doing very well considering I have a number of chronic illnesses and conditions, none of which is likely to kill me in particular, either, though some may shorten my life span.

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