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Don't wanna . . .

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Right there with you! I have Captain Morgan. No chocolate.


We just go back home after a 10-day, 3,000+ miles trip to various national parks. The thought of having to wake up early, bring my older kids to piano at 8:30am, and somehow teach school is making me twitch. I think I'm just going to wing it this week.

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My day was good, but I'm also procrastinating. I don't want to plan my lessons. We have a field trip tomorrow that will take most of the day, so I'm trying to justify putting planning off. I figure we'll do math and spelling, and those are just "do the next" sort of lessons.


No chocolate to offer, but I can share a piece of delicious apple pie with you :001_smile:

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Yeah, I'm having a tough time getting started too. We ended up taking last week off, trying to get used to the new "normal" after I was put on bed rest, but we need to get back to business tomorrow. So here I sit on the couch, with all the books piled up around me, trying to get up the oomph to get started. Sigh.

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