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Great homeschool article in The Atlantic

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Nice article-- part of a collection of articles about education in this issue of the "Magazine" section of The Atlantic Monthly online. I really like how he avoids the fallacy that only homeschoolers take their kids on outings, but instead paints a very good picture of what a homeschool family lifestyle can be like.



I haven't read the rest of the articles in this section yet, but they look interesting!


Off to read more . . .

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I recently read that. I thought it reflected exactly what is happening with many families I know.


A professor (without a trust fund, or family owned or rent-controlled apt) can no longer afford to live in the city *and* send a child(ren) to private school. I have seen so many folks 'waking' up to the hsing possibility.


The private schools can't lower tution in this economy, and that means their student 'diversity' is a mix of poor & uber-wealthy. The middle class is far less represented in private schools right now.


I remember when the (non-religious) private school some of my children attended was $8,000/yr. The tuition is now nearly $25k/yr. PER CHILD. Thre is only a certain percentage of our population who can keep up with that pace. Even if one has has only 2 children, that is still 50K/year, plus extras-- music, dance etc. You really have to be part of the 1% to manage that, and still have a decent home & and lifestyle.


I've always worried about those dirt-poor kids in with the richest of the rich. How can they ever meet? I can see the poor kid being invited over to the 5th Ave apartment for a playdate, but the 5th Ave kid is not likely to do a sleepover in the Bronx.

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