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Extension for Veritas Press??


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Due to difficult circumstances here this year (death of a family member, illness and a slow older sister) my son did not finish his Veritas Press self paced History course before the end of the year.


I had called them about a month ago and they extended it for one month.....was suppose to hold over until the 25th. I knew that he would have to work very hard but I asked him if he did and finished it before the 25th that I would pay him the $25 fee instead of them for the second month extension.


Well he did......I mean he really worked hard and has faithfully done what he needed to do to be done in time. I am really proud of him because he took over and did it. Friday he did not have the chance to do the work but he was going to do it today to make it up. Well he just tried to log on and the course is gone right off his log on page. He can't finish it all on Monday and Tuesday is the 25th. So now I think they extend for four weeks not one month but I was pretty sure I asked them the date and confirmed it because I knew it would be a stretch.


Does anyone know if they have just deleted his account for that history level or it is on reserve somewhere.....can they extend it still or is it gone?

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Veritas Press has fantastic customer support. Call them first thing on Monday. Maybe they can give you a couple more days.



You were right.....they were able to add a few more days because of the misunderstanding. He will definately be done in time by Friday.



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