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Athena's Academy - how's it going?


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I know a few of you here signed up for some classes with Athena's this fall. I wondered how it's going and if your students are enjoying it.


We didn't sign up for anything off the bat, we wanted to settle into the year first. But I'm considering signing up DS for the Solar System class that starts in October.


(I'd also love to sign him up for the Mythology class, but I'm trying to talk him into it, he's not biting so far. :lol: I think he'd enjoy it though.)

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Dd8 is enjoying the Beast class. It is a fun add-on to the books -- but not necessary. She doesn't learn a ton from the actual classes. I think we've been spoiled with private math tutoring online.


Dd9 likes the geography class. She is learning much more than if we did it on our own. The discussions are fantastic. Greek mythology starts next month.

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