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Overrun With BOOKS!! Sell, Give or Trade?

Purging your bookshelves - WWYD?  

  1. 1. Purging your bookshelves - WWYD?

    • Give them away - make it easy and painless
    • List them here on TWTM for sale
    • Take them to Half Price Books (or similar) for a credit
    • Try to sell them on Amazon or Ebay
    • Give up and decide to keep them all because they are books...and you might need them!!!

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When I pared down my book collection, I used the "Am I going to read this again?" test. If I said no, then I boxed it up and I took a few boxes at a time to Half Price Books. They don't give a ton of money for them, so I just used the credit to buy some nice copies of classic books for my daughter, the type of books I would keep a long time. It was hard, because I love books so much, but it also taught me that I was spending way too much money on books! I've been much more frugal since.


If you don't want to deal with HPB, just take them to your local library. They will either add them to their collection or sell them in a library sale, most likely, so either way it will help your library.

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We recently got rid of THREE bookshelves worth of books. THREE!!! I am left with ONE. (The kids all have their own bookshelves too - we left those alone!) I love books. Love them. I don't love the clutter. Dh and I were ruthless. If it was a book that was easy to get on a Kindle, we got rid of it. That was the majority of our books. I kept only the VERY favorite kid books.


We gave away most of them. I looked at Amazon and their resale prices and did sell a few there. But, mostly I needed them out of my house!!!!


I'm so glad we did it! It's very freeing!

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I am overrun with books - and like many of you right now, I have the urge to DECLUTTER my house (life??).


What would you do??


A little of each depending on the books. If trying to sell though, give them a time limit and either reduce the price until they sell, trade them, or add to the donate pile.

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