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What are the best tasting hot dogs?

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Nathan's, Hebrew National or Sabretts. I love all of them equally, and usually buy whichever one is on sale.


We are sort of hot dog aficionados in my house (sad but true). We really love good hot dogs, and really hate bad ones. For holidays my dad sometimes sends us a very rare treat of gourmet hot dogs that are some stupid price. We adore them, but would never pay that much. Thank goodness for gifts!

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My fav is Costco hotdog which they also sell at the food court. So meaty and juicy:0) Otherwise, Nathan's or Hebrew National are my 2nd choices.




:iagree: Kirkland hot dogs and polish are what we buy. I don't even want to look at the ingredients, so I am just pretending they are good (well, as good as hot dogs can be).

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I'll be the odd man out on this one.


Boar's Head Beef Hot Dogs in Natural Casings.


The trick to a really good hot dog is to boil them in beer. If you're going to put them on the BBQ, simmer in beer, put on the grill, then mist with beer.


ETA: Regardless of which brand you go with, boil them in beer. :)

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