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Shurley, Winston, GME, Sentence Family?


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My 10yo daughter is completely mystified by basic grammar. Otherwise she is doing great - even in writing. So I am looking for a grammar only program. I want one that focuses only on grammar - not writing. I have researched until my eyes have rolled into the back of my head!! I have narrowed it down to four that I think look good, but can't decide. The four are:


The Sentence Family

Shurley Grammar

Winston Grammar

Grammar Made Easy


Help me, please! I would love any advise, input, suggestions. THANKS!

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The sentence family is wonderful--but I don't think it is the best choice for a primary grammar program. It tells story of the parts of speech personified as a family, and then asks your child to draw their pictures. A great fun supplement! It includes sentences to label, but no answer key, and no reinforcing. In contrast, from what I have seen from samples of Shurley and Winston, they are complete grammar programs. We did sentence family over the summer, and my 8 yr daughter loved it. But we also have done other grammar programs.

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Sentence Family is a stand alone Waldorf unit.


Just as I was looking through math curricula today, I was again impressed with my need to teach whole units. Review can be mixed, but I get lost in daily lessons sometimes, never mind the student, when it's not a stand alone unit.


I love the IDEA of a year long text with prefect daily lessons with mixed review, but when it comes to USING them, I lose my excitement and focus, and I don't always teach well.


Do you think you want stand alone units, or lots of mixed review? Grammar can kind of be like math. I see such parallels in my grammar and math teaching.

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