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Where to buy inexpensive rug for family room?

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I bought the rug in my living room at Walmart a decade ago, and it's still holding up. IKEA has some great rugs at great prices, too. I'd like to replace our current rug because the colors aren't exactly what I want now, and I've seen good options at both places. Target had good options last time I looked, too.

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Ikea and Home Depot are my votes for durable and nice looking on a budget. I have six hand made wool rugs from Nepal that are gorgeous, however I went on four mission trips to get them, lol. They would be very expensive at furniture stores. I saw one like my favorite at a furniture store for six hundred dollars on a half off sale. If you go to a church with a missions program maybe someone would pick one up for you.

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Another vote for Ikea or Home Depot. I've especially had a couple of good deals in the Ikea "As-is" area for rugs. Once I was looking at one I was dying for and decided it was too much, only to find it in the as-is for more than 75% off.


:iagree: Our HD has a section of 8x10 and 9x12 hanging rugs that are (I think) bound remnants from their WtW selections for under $100. You have to flip through the fancy rugs to get to them.

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