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x-post: Good Latin program?

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Particularly for a more hands-on, not-workbook-fan kid? :) I've not decided yet if I'm going to start Astro on Latin next year or wait til the following year... but in any case I'm not sure what a good program for him would be. Link does Prima Latina and likes it, but Idk if it will be something that would be up Astro's alley... so I'm just looking for recommendations.

Thanks! :)

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The classical academic press materials might be a little better for a hands-on kid who doesn 't like workbooks. We did Song School Latin, then Prima Latina before starting Latin for Children which we currently use.


There is a DVD for each lesson and dd likes the facts that there are children on the DVD doing the chants. They sometimes do hand movements while reciting the vocabulary and do it standing up. Dd imitates what she sees on the video.


There is also a website with games & videos that she likes to use. There is also an activity book with puzzles and other things for review that changes up the pace a bit. Of course there's still a workbook but it's not as dry as Prima Latina.



Eta: song school can be done very young. It's just singing and vocabulary. No grammar or difficult concepts. I think it can be used for pre-k thru 2nd. Latin for Children is a more traditional Latin program and includes grammar and quite a bit more memorization.

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I just got the kindle book for Getting Started with Latin for 9.99 and downloaded the audio for it from their website for free. There is a sample you can see on kindle that enticed me. We did Song School Latin, bought and sold Prima Latina, own Latin for Children but it seems overwhelming to me right now, and this seems just right. Really short lessons. And I think I can teach it to everyone on the white board. We have Minimus too and my kids weren't as excited with it as I'd hoped. They loved Song School though. Latin was their favorite subject that year.

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