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Vacation Ideas

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We don't go on vacations as a family much at all since we live away from family and most all vacation time is spent visiting them. However, we have decided we need to get away, just the five of us. I need some ideas! :bigear:


Here are the perimeters DH gave me.


1. Within 10ish hour driving distance. (We live in middle TN.)


2. Do not stay in a hotel - condo, cottage, or someplace with more than one room for all of us.


3. Traveling second week in October.


Here's what I know from the very little we've vacationed.


1. We do like the beach. We went once to Gulf Shores and had a great time.


2. We do not like to do a TON of running around/sightseeing. We don't mind a day here or there of visiting somewhere, but we are big fans of chilling.


3. Disney is out. My husband would rather claw his eyes out with a spoon. (sigh.)



I have been on VRBO and so far I have thought about going back to Gulf Shores, maybe Destin, or Myrtle Beach. I seriously can't even THINK of anywhere else!


Any ideas????

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I like Gulf Shores. But we were at a resort and only left for groceries once. If you like it go back. Or go someplace really close to it just to have a different place.


Myrtle Beach is so busy and has so much going on. However we just spent a week there and had a very relaxed visit. We went to the beach at the State Park and had the beach to ourselves most days. It was quiet. Best time we have had there in many years.


However, if you can get to Hilton Head it is very relaxed. Not sure you could get a room in October though. We go in May every year and have the beach to ourselves so I would assume October to be similar. I like it there b/c most of the plantations have everything you need except groceries but if you like to do things you can go kayaking or get down to Savannah. Our HH trip is always relaxing.


wherever you go, have a great time!

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The 2nd week in October is the PERFECT time to go to an east coast or gulf coast beach - not crowded but the water is still warm and the rates are fab!!


We frequent Myrtle Beach often and we always stay at Lakewood Christian Campground. http://www.lakewoodcampground.com - it is clean, nice and has many amenities for the kids. We usually rent a camper (you can have them delivered to your site for you - we use http://www.myrtlebeachrvrentals.com ). This campground is right on the beach, they have outdoor and indoor pool, art activities, mini golf, onsite ice cream, coffee shop, pizza, other food, fish fries, etc.


My FAVORITE beach is Fort Walton beach area near Destin. Beautiful white sand (that is not hot), and gorgeous blue-green water. We stayed in a condo on the beach and it was perfect - it was right on the beach and had a outdoor pool right outside the condo. It is here http://www.vacationrentals.com/vacation-rentals/11090.html - this may be too big for you since it is a 3 bedroom but there are other units all around this one.



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When we lived near DC, my favorite time of year to visit was in the fall because the tourist level was so low.


I know you wrote that you like to chill out, but it is a great educational opportunity so I thought I would put in a plug for it.


Also, have you considered visiting Perdido Key, Florida? It is near Orange Beach, AL.


We stayed in a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo, kitchen, and full laundry in our condo, plus it seemed affordable (compared to other beach places I priced).

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We have spent many wonderful October weeks in Panama City Beach - look on VRBO for something on the Western end - near Laguna beach. It's an 8.5 hour drive from Nashville. It's not the touristy area and very very quiet at this time of year. Also, rental rates go way down in mid October. You will likely be able to find a nice condo/townhouse right on the beach.

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The second week of October? I'd say rent a cabin in the mountains! It will be gorgeous in VA at that time. DC would be awesome as well. Great time of year to do a walking city.


I wouldn't drive all the way to the beach in Ocrober, but that's just me. ***oops, didn't realize you were that close to FL! In that case, yes!

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