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Book a Week in 2012 - week 39

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Thanks! I haven't read this much "for me" in years! Let's see, how old is my oldest? In about 10 years! :D


Congrats, Maus. It took me about 10 years to reach that point too, lol!


I didn't read much for years when my 3 were little, either, other than read a louds.


Thanks! I went back to week 37 (I should have done that a while ago--I was busy getting school and extras started for the fall.)where I first posted and saw that I was welcomed and somebody liked one of the books I posted, so guess I'm officially joining in. I like the numbered lists, so I think I'll do that as soon as I have enough to list---unless I try to figure out what else I've read recently.


I like the lists, but find it easier to read when people only post the latest parts of their lists each week.



Karin, to answer your question from last week's thread, R&G is a delight, alternately sad and comic, silly and profound. We *love* it. And the film is a treasure, too.




Thanks, I'll take a look at it. It's been a long time since I read a play, & it will probably make me nostalgic & want to act in plays again, but around here it's all musicals. Not that I don't like musicals, but I always liked what some call serious theatre (but that includes comedies.) Now I have to remember how to spell it, but I'll just look up Stoppard first.

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58) The Centurians Wife by Janette Oke and T Davis Bunn


I loved this book. It was chock full of history, Jewish and Roman. I have books 2 and 3 on deck. I am actually looking forward to soccer practice so that I can read. lol.



These four were easy reads. I can tell that summer is ending because my reading is picking up.

57) Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride

56) A Place of Peace Amy Clipston

55) A Season Of Love Amy Clipston

54) A Life of Joy Amy Clipston




53) Harvest of Rubies by Tessa Afshaar I love her descriptions of life in Ancient times.

52) Wizard of Oz (to my dc) Baum

51) The waiting Susan Woods Fisher\

50) Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

49) Haven by Susan Woods Fisher

48) Cottage By The Sea by Robin Jones Gunn


47) Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray

46) Finally and Forever Robin Jones Gunn

45) Love Story by Erich Segal which is from my birthmonth, week and year. I really liked it.

44) The Wounded Heart Adina Senft

43) The Keeper by Suzanne Woods Fisher

42) Home Another Way Christa Parrish I liked this one alot.

41) The 1/2 Stitched Quilting Club Wanda Brunstetter

40) The Choice Suzanne Fisher Woods



39) Love on the Line Deeann Gist

38) Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii Robin Jones Gunn

37) Coming Attractions Robin Jones Gunn

36) On a whim Robin Jones Gunn

35) Peculiar treasures Robin Jones Gunn

34) Loving by Karen Kingsbury

33) Watch Over Me by Christa Parrish

32) The Core by Leigh Bortins

31) Breaking Intimidation by John Bevere This was a little charasmatic for my taste, but good.

30) Big Decisions Linda Byler


29) Mockingjay Collins

28) Catching Fire Collins

27) I walk in Dread the Diary of Deliverance Trembley A Dear America Book

26) A Hope For Hannah by Jerry Eicher

25) A Year of Living Biblically A.J. Jacobs

24) Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow on audio

23) A Dream For Hannah by Jerry Eicher.

22) Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare on audio

21) A Love That Multiplies, Duggars on Audio


20) Ella Finds Love, Eicher

19) Hunger Games bySuzanne Collins

18) The Duggars 20 and counting by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

17) Emotionally Healthy Spiritually by Peter Scazarro

16) Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider

15) The Survivor by Beth Wiseman (yet another amish book)

14) The Art of Mingling by Jeanne Martinet audio book

13) Growing up Amish by Beth Wiseman

12) Ella's Wish By Jerry Eicher

11) Growing up Amish by Ira Wagler


10) The Healing by Wanda Brunstetter

9) Christmas in Sugarcreek by Shelley Shepard Gray

8) The Dark Tide

7) Little Men, Louisa May Alcott on Audio

6) Winter of the Red Snow.

5) The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory.

4) A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry Eicher

3) Longing by Karen Kingsbury.

2) Little Women by Alcott

1) Midummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare

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Robin, how is your mom doing now?


Oh, could be fun. I'll have to take a look & see if I come up w/ something. Btw, Rosie, about our other reading challenge -- I now have a copy of Picnic at Hanging Rock. I got the illustrated edition & am really looking forward to reading it. I'm thinking that from the description, it will fit in just fine w/ the spooky/mystery type October reading....


Mom is doing much better. She's getting her strength back. Still moving kind of slowly, but making progress.


Finally finished my review of The Lifeboat and got it up on my blog.


I am wrapping up my "regular" books to get ready for spooky reads October. Have we decided on a group read yet?


That's what I'm doing too. I've got a pile of spooky books this year!


Group read? Did I miss something? That would be fun.


Haven't really reached a consensus on any one book. Perhaps something dracula ish such as Dracula itself, something else by Bram Stoke (like Snake's Pass), something from Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series (read the 1st one - very good), Dacre Stoker's Dracula the Undead (also good). Or if you just want to go the generic vampire route, there are plenty to choose from.

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Hello Ladies,


I just finished #49 - Summer People, by Brian Groh. The only thing I truly liked was the cover art - well-worn boat paddles hanging on an old wooden boathouse wall. Very Ralph Lauren-esque. I am just glad it is over, and it has gone in the box to go back to the Goodwill Bookstore.


I'm a few chapters into another Jonathan Tropper (Everything Changes - I think it is that one), and I just picked up a bunch of books at our new library that our old town library didn't carry so hopefully the next few books will get read quickly.

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Haven't really reached a consensus on any one book. Perhaps something dracula ish such as Dracula itself, something else by Bram Stoke (like Snake's Pass), something from Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series (read the 1st one - very good), Dacre Stoker's Dracula the Undead (also good). Or if you just want to go the generic vampire route, there are plenty to choose from.


I don't want to shove my oar in, but I'm already hosting a readalong of Ann Radcliffe's The Italian, if anyone wants to join that. It's not as horrifyingly long as Udolpho, but is considered one of her very best. So if you want to read what Catherine Morland would have read, that is one option. (Um, you have to have a high tolerance for Catholics as villains. That's 18th century England for you, sorry.)

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I am so glad I joined this challenge. Even though I don't post every week, the challenge has made me be more intentional about looking for books for myself and not just for my children. I've always loved to read and I enjoy many genres, but with homeschooling I just haven't been doing it. So thank you!


I might be cheating just a little as I am counting some of our read alouds in our list.


1. Radical - David Platt **My Review**

2. The Vikings - Elizabeth Janeway **My Review**

3. Beorn the Proud - Madeleine A Polland

4. A Midsummer night's Dream - Shakespeare

5. Ahab's Wife - Sena Jeter Nasland

6. Books that Build Character - Kilpatrick/Wolfe

7. Shadow Spinner - Susan Fletcher (audio book) **My Review**

8. Adam of the Road - Elizabeth Janet Gray

9. The Mystery of the Roman Ransom - Henry Winterfeld

10. Raising Real Men - Hal and Melanie Young

11. The 17th Swap - McGraw

12. Barnheart - Woginrich

13. Unveiled: Tamar - Francine Rivers **My Review**

14: A Parcel of Patterns - Jill Walsh **My Review**

15: Unashamed: Rahab - Francine Rivers

16. The House I Loved - Tatiana de Rosnay

17: Unshaken: Ruth - Francine Rivers

18. Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire - Esquith

19. The Connected Child - Karyn Purvis

20. Little Britches, Father and I were Ranchers - Ralph Moody **My Review**

21. The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald

22. Unspoken: Bathsheba - Francine Rivers

23. Deconstructing Penguins - Lawrence Goldstone, Nancy Goldstone

24. Shiloh - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (audio book) **My Review**

25. The Scarlett Letter - Hawthorne

26. Man of the Family - Ralph Moody

27. The Coffin Quilt

28. Almost Home by Wendy Lawton

29. Courage and Conviction

30. Get the Sugar Out

31. Jane Eyre

32. Message From an Unknown Chinese Mother - Xinran

33. Blackthorn Winter (with The Giver)

34. Om-kas-toe

35. The Shakespeare Stealer

36. Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of the Lost Daugthers of China -Xinran

37. Choosing to See - Mary Beth Chapman

28. Mary Emma and Company - Ralph Moody

Currently Reading:

39. Mercy Wins - Dale Anderson

40. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

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Recently finished:


House of Stairs, by William Sleator, Young Adult. Someone mentioned this on a scary reads for October type thread and my library had it, so I decided to read it. Finished it the same day and it seemed familiar to me, and when I got to the end, I remembered how it would end, so I guess I've read it sometime in the past already: One by one, five sixteen-year-old orphans are brought to a strange building. It is not a prison, not a hospital; it has no walls, no ceiling, no floor. Nothing but endless flights of stairs leading nowhere ?except back to a strange red machine. The five must learn to love the machine and let it rule their lives. But will they let it kill their souls? This chilling, suspenseful indictment of mind control is a classic of science fiction and will haunt readers long after the last page is turned.


Currently reading:


The War After Armageddon, by Ralph Peters: Shocking scenes of battle…unforgettable soldiers…heartbreaking betrayals…. In this stunning, fast-paced novel, a ruthless future war unfolds in a 21st century nightmare: Los Angeles is a radioactive ruin; Europe lies bleeding; and Israel has been destroyed…with millions slaughtered. A furious America fights to reclaim the devastated Holy Land. The Marines storm ashore; the U.S. Army does battle in a Biblical landscape. Hi-tech weaponry is useless and primitive hatreds flare. Lt. Gen. Gary “Flintlock†Harris and his courageous warriors struggle for America’s survival--with ruthless enemies to their front and treachery at their rear. Islamist fanatics, crusading Christians, and unscrupulous politicians open the door to genocide. The War After Armageddon thrusts the reader into a terrifying future in which all that remains is the horror of war--and the inspiration of individual heroism. A master at bringing to life “the eternal soldier,†Ralph Peters tells a riveting tale that honors those Americans who fight and sacrifice all for a dream of freedom.


Looking forward to:


Rapture, by JR Ward, the most recent in her Fallen Angels series, and The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling. Already ordered both on Amazon and they should be arriving by tomorrow!




1. Envy, by J.R. Ward (Fallen Angels series)


2. Kiss of the Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series)


3. The Ramayana, A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic, by R.K. Narayan (with my daughter for school reading)


4. Dark Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series)


5. The Immortal Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series)


6. Spell of the Highlander, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series)


7. 11/22/63, by Stephen King


8. The Traveler, by John Twelve Hawks (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 1)


9. Into the Dreaming, by Karen Marie Moning (Highlander series)


10. A Judgement In Stone, by Ruth Rendel


11. The Dark River, by John Twelve Hawks (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 2)


12. The Golden City, by John Twelve Hawks (Fourth Realm Trilogy, Book 3)


13. Forbidden Pleasure, by Lora Leigh


14. Relic, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child


15. House Rules, by Jodi Picoult


16. Midwives, by Chris Bohjalian


17. Wind Through the Keyhole, by Stephen King


18. The High Flyer, by Susan Howatch.


19. Daughter of the Blood, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels Trilogy, Book 1)


20. Heir to the Shadows, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels Trilogy, Book 2)


21. The Host, by Stephenie Meyer


22. Queen of the Darkness, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels Trilogy, Book 3)


23. The Invisible Ring, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels series)


24. Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James


25. Fifty Shades Darker, by E.L. James


26. Fifty Shades Freed, by E.L. James


27. Dreams Made Flesh, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels series)


28. Tangled Webs, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels series)


29. Goodnight Nobody, by Jennifer Weiner


30. Kiss the Dead, by Laurell K. Hamilton (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series)


31. The Shadow Queen, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels series)


32. The Read-Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease


33. Ahab's Wife, by Sena Jeter Naslund


34. Shalador's Queen, by Anne Bishop (The Black Jewels series)


35. Sebastian, by Anne Bishop (Ephemera, Book 1)


36. The Devil Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger


37. The Good Sister, by Drusilla Campbell


38. The Lost Boy, by David Pelzer


39. Little Children, by Tom Perotta


40. Her Fearful Symmetry, by Audrey Niffenegger


41. The Road, by Cormac McCarthy


42. Impact, by Douglas Preston


43. House of Stairs, by William Sleator




44. The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende, translated by Ralph Manheim, aloud to my son.


45. Smiles to Go, by Jerry Spinelli, aloud with my daughter.


46. The War After Armageddon, by Ralph Peters, to myself.

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I picked up Living in a Nutshell - Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Living in Small Spaces by Janet Lee from the library and finished it yesterday. A fun and hip decorating book that I can see being directed at a younger (apartment/dorm) crowd.


In progress:


Time and Again by Jack Finney (recommended by DH)

Gone-Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright (reading along with DD)

Carry on, My Bowditch by Jean Lee Lantham (read aloud)


2012 finished books:


101. Living in a Nutshell - Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Living in Small Spaces by Janet Lee (***)

100. Very Good, Jeeves by PD Wodehouse (*****)

99. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot (*****)

98. How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by Esme Codell (****)

97. Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen (***)

96. The Cat Who Played Brahms by Lillian Jackson Braun (****)

95. Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman (**)

94. Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren (****)

93. The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler (***)

92. Playful Learning by Mariah Bruehl (***)

91. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern by Lillian Jackson Braun - audiobook (****)

90. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie (***)

89. Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman - YA (****)

88. The Mirror Cracked Side to Side by Agatha Christie (***)

87. The Princess Bride by William Goldman (*****)

86. Crocodiles on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters (***)

86. The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues by Ellen Raskin - YA (***)

84. Supermarket by Satoshi Azuchi (**)

83. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto (*****)

82. Stein on Writing by Sol Stein (****)

81. Order from Chaos by Liz Davenport (**)


Books 41 - 80

Books 1 - 40


Amy's Rating System:


***** - Fantastic, couldn't put it down

**** - Very good

*** - Enjoyable but nothing special

** - Not recommended

* - Horrible

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#43 The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie - listened to the audiobook read by David Suchet :)


#44 Managers of Their Homes by Steven and Teri Maxwell - I think we need a bit more structure to our days, especially our mornings, and this book was very helpful - now to the hard part of working out the schedule! ;)

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1 The Hunger Games

2 Catching Fire

3 Mockingjay

4 The Hunger Games Companion

5 The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head

6 Spontaneous Happiness

7 The New Bi-Polar Disorder Survival Guide.

8 New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder

9 The Giver

10 Unnatural Selection

11 Breaking Dawn (again)

12 Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them

13 Trick or Treatment

14 Overtreated: Why Too Much Medicine Is Making US Sicker & Poorer

15 Sybil Exposed

16 How to Never Look Old Again

17 How to Never Look Fat Again

18 Style on a Shoestring

19 Underneath it All

20 Oh No She Didn't

21 Nina Garcia's Look Book

22 Underneath is All

23 The Pocket Stylist

24 What Not to Wear for Every Occasion

25 What you Wear Can Change Your Life

26 What Not to Wear

27 Dress Your Best

28 Wear This, Toss That

29 Nothing to Wear

30 What Should I Wear

31 The Style Checklist

32 Style Clinic

33 11 22 63

34 Haunted Heart: Life and Times of Stephen King

35 Just After Sunset


ETA: Currently reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter & Deadly Choices.


I kind of had a hiatus in the summer due to family medical problems but I am trying to get back in the habit now.

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