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BFSU on kindle

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I'm behind the times here, so help me out. :) I have a phone that has a kindle app on it, but i've never used it or a kindle. I see that you can get BFSU on the kindle, and am wondering if it's a good book to have on kindle, or if it's one that I will want in book form. Am I going to want to be able to flip back and forth, mark pages, make copies, or whatever?

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Personally I can't stand any sort of reference book in e-book format and generally I love e-books. It's way way too hard to go back and forth and my brain doesn't have any way to remember about where something is. If I read it in a real book then I generally know where to look for something if I want to look back at it again. With an e-book I'm stuck hoping I thought to highlight or bookmark it or that a search will bring it up.


BFSU is particularly one I especially wouldn't want as an e-book personally.

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