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? About selling our car while we are overseas...

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We have a minivan we are trying to sell, but it hasn't sold yet and we are moving to Thailand in one week. The van is paid off, and the title is in my husband's name. Does anyone know what we need to do in order for his parents to be able to sell it for us after we leave? Does my husband just need to sign the back of the title, and then leave it with his parents? Or do we actually need to somehow "sell" it to them and then they sell it to whoever?

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My FIL let us use an old Jeep of his until we could get a new vehicle for my husband. After we got our new car, he wanted us to just sell his Jeep. He lives in another state.


We went through Carmax to sell it. They gave us a special power of attorney that we mailed to him, he filled out and signed, attached a copy of his drivers license for confirmation, and sent back to us. I think it was called "Special Power of Attorney -- Automobile Sale". You should be able to search for this from your state, possibly even your DMV may have something for you like this.


Here's a sample (from the state of Georgia, you should search for one for your own state).


Edited to add: There are some situations where you may be able to just sign the title to sell it. That really depends on your state's laws and on how you are selling it. In our state, we are required to get a new title for every sale. Additionally, most dealerships/companies won't take a title that has just been signed over.

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