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FIAR books by country?

Amber in AUS

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I know I have seen a list like that somewhere before but I can't find it now.... maybe it was on the five in a row message board?


Anyway, I found this.....




it also lists all the homeschool share units as well as the FIAR books by country so may be a bit of a pain to use....HTH


Thankyou off to take a look :)

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I will just go through the TOC and list the ones that are set in a foreign country:


Vol 1:

Story of Ping- China

Madeline- France

Pair of Rd Clogs- Japan

Glorious Flight- France

How to Make an Apple Pie- Various

Grandfather's Journey- Japan

Another Celebrated Dancing Bear- Russia

Papa Piccolo- Italy

Very Last First Time- Canada

Clown of God- Renn Italy



The Giraffe that Walked to Paris- Egypt and France

Wee Gillis- Scotland

New Coat for Anna- ? Europe

Mirette on the High Wire- France

Story of Ferdinand- Spain

Tale of Peter Rabit- Britain

Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car- Britain

Miss Rumphius- various


Vol 3:

Henry the Castaway- So. Am (in his imagination)

Duchess Bakes a Cake- ? Europe maybe Swiss


Vol 4:

Arabella- maybe Aussi

Grass Sandals- Japan

Hanna's Cold Winter- Hungary

Pumpkin Runner- Aussi

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Also, if you have access to Galloping The Globe, the books are in there laid out by country. :D


Well, some are and some aren't. For the countries whose list didn't include a FIAR title, I went through my GtG manual and wrote in the FIAR books where they fit. :001_smile: But yes, GtG and FIAR work together very well!

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