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We're a month into our big life change and so far it's going pretty well. We're all adjusting to the new schedule, getting up earlier, etc, and the kids all seemed tired the first two weeks, but I think they're adjusting now. They didn't seem as tired this week. My high schoolers are liking school well enough. They are each taking 4 classes at the charter school where I teach. My 9th grader switched a couple of classes but seems to like her new schedule, except for the fact that she never has enough time to write her own projects. She is taking math so I don't have to do that with her anymore (insert happy dance!) My other daughter is getting the help with writing that she needs because of her dyslexia and dysgraphia and we're in the process of setting up an IEP and then pursuing SAT accommodations. Even dh sees that it's a lot better that she adjust to what school is like now rather than in college. I've decided that I will still consider my daughters homeschoolers, since they are not taking a full load and are still doing work at home, and what they are doing is no different than any of the homeschooling teens we know who take classes for everything! :D Except, of course, that I don't pay for their classes! :lol:


My elementary schoolers are doing fine also. My third grader was a dream homeschool student and is now a dream public school student, who has already won an award for good behavior. My twins have made friends and love their teacher, but are having some academic issues because of their speech issues.


My youngest goes to an excellent preschool 3 days a week and then has a babysitter for several hours the other two days while I teach. She has a degree in education and is like a grandma-type who only does educational things with him. She was planning to take him out more, but, go figure, he likes staying home while all his siblings are out of the house, something he never experienced before in his life! :lol:


My house is enjoying a few hours a week of dedicated cleaning time with no one interrupting me. It's amazing how much I can get done in an hour!


I am still busy and tired. Hey, I have 6 children at home - there's no way around that. But this is manageable. Crazy, but manageable. I don't have that black cloud hanging over me anymore. I feel like I've saved me from myself, from my unreasonable expectations of myself and what I could actually get done in a day.


In short, I am better. :001_smile:

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