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Ds's favorite nerf gun has been kidnapped!

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I've kidnapped ds's favorite nerf gun and replaced it with a ransom note. I used an online ranson note generator (kind of cool and creepy that multiple sites exist!), and took a picture of his gun tied to a chair with a help sign. My demands are simple: put away the dishes, pick up toys from around the house, and clean up bedroom.


I really, really hope he wakes in a decent mood! Obviously i'm going to play dumb, but he'll see right through it and play along. The kidnappers will replace the gun at noon while he is riding his bike if all demands are met.


Wish me luck for a good morning!

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Just look up random note generator. I didn't go past page one, so the one i used was not printer ready. I just printed and cut (not each letter or word, but sentences). I have it signed by Davy Jones because he's currently obsessed with pirates of the caribbean. I'm not sure why davy jones has an interest in my son, but i have a few days to figure it out before i leave the next note.

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