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Tell me about New College of Florida

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I went there . . . as a transfer and failed to complete my undergraduate thesis. I left 22 years ago.


It was overall liberal, but not all the kids were liberal. There were no sports teams. i seem to remember kids sometimes doing some activities, but i would not have paid a lot of attention.


Creativity - yes. I remember being amazed that every single kid there, once you got to know them, there was something really interesting about them - no matter how cookie-cutter or stereotypical they seemed at first glance


The academics were very rigorous and the stress . . . pretty high. I injured myself and was given vicodin by the doctor, but i couldnt take it. I took one and was unable to study for 6 hours. I told this to another NC student later who chimed in with me "and that could be enough to get an unsat on your contract" (fail the semester). I also knew one man who returned to visit, after spending a semester in grad school, and said that the grad program he was in was not as challenging as New College had been.


I LOVED New College. I . . managed to take college classes at 2 community colleges, Penn State Main Campus, and a small state school near where I grew up. New College was everything I ever wanted in a school. Well, except that I was considering a statistics major and that was not available.


Obviously i have no idea how it has changed in the last 22 years - but I met a woman who graduated from there 15 years earlier - and she was also an amazing, liberal, creative, bright person who I got along well with.

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A dear high school friend of mine is a 2004 grad. It was at that time extremely hard, academically. She was a bio major and now has a PhD. It was not somewhere that an insecure person would have done well. My first visit had me thinking the student body was mostly hacky-sack kicking pot smoking hippies. :). Everyone I know from there is very creative, thinking, opinionated...driven, but they all vary greatly in what they are passionate about. Does NC even have sports teams?? Overall, it was very liberal in almost every definition I can think of. High stress. Hope that helps.

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