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Installing software on a Kindle Fire or Tablet?

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Let me preface this with the admission that I am a Technological Luddite.


I work from home approximately 4 hours a day and need my laptop. The problem is that the kids also need it for schoolwork and then use it for their 1/2 hour of computer (each) and any videos we get (we don't have a television). It has come to the point where I basically have to strictly schedule in order to give everyone time to use the laptop, and I'm getting very frustrated with the situation.


So I'm thinking about a tablet setup. Among other software, we use Teaching Textbooks, Oregon Trail, etc. which I would like on a tablet setup. I found information about not being able to install software onto an iPad from a disk, so that's out; but can I install software on a Kindle Fire or some other tablet?


My apologies for this probably being some easy-answer post, but I have not been able to find a straight answer on Google.

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