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Printing pdf

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I bought MM and I need to print out part B.


I printed A myself on my printer and the color was horrid. I ended up having to go through the pages with a colored pencil.


I priced the printing at Staples and even using the economy color it will cost $55 to print. :glare:


I could purchase a hard copy from RR for $14.50. I don't want to do that because I already paid for the ebook.


Where do you print when you need good color copies? Staples is stupid expensive.

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I print MM all the time on my home printer without problem. Is your ink running low? I print 5-10 pages at a time and never have problems unless I'm running out of ink.


:iagree: some(all?) printers get "tired" from printing too many sheets at once. maybe try printing only a few at a time? or don't print them in color if that's possible.

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