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St. Louis, MO residents (St. Charles?) - need some help

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Where would a good place be in the St. Louis area - perhaps St. Charles - to hang out for the day with 8 kids ages 2 mos, 14 mos, 2 years (x2), 4 years, 6 years (x2) and 10 years as well as 8 adults?


I want to meet my family there in August so they can meet our newest addition and this is half-way for all of us. I know my family will only want to stay for one day (no overnight, though we will be staying overnight to meet up with dh's family the next day who would be coming from Kansas City).


I want to avoid a museum or the like because then we're all separated or our attention is divided between family and museum stuff. So I'm thinking a park. But it makes me a little nervous to only have a park as an option if it's really hot. That could prove to be dangerous for the little ones and uncomfortable for every one else. So is there a park with something indoor close by? I don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I just want to be able to be with my parents and brothers and nieces and nephews without it being stressful because we're all dealing with kids in a public place, kwim?


So if you can just throw out good, fun, INEXPENSIVE places, that would be greatly appreciated!



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I would go to Forest Park. The zoo and science center is nearby. They both have free admission, but you do have to pay to park. It's more in downtown than St. Charles, but they are fun places to hang out.


http://www.slsc.org/index.aspx here's the science center


http://www.stlzoo.org/ the zoo


http://stlouis.missouri.org/citygov/parks/forestpark/ forest park



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Hey Janna,


My in-laws live in St. Charles, let me email SIL and see what she suggests. Dh and I lived in St. Louis, and there are interesting parks and museums (free ones) there, but I really don't know St. Charles that well. Other than the historic downtown area, which is really fun, but in and out of small shops with small children doesn't sound like fun to me. If you went to Forest Park in St. Louis, you could enjoy the Science Center to get out of the heat, but then you're back to museum distractions. Tower Grove park WAY down in St. Louis is lovely, but no indoor areas to keep you cool. There is a Panera Bread very near there that might be nice to sit and chat after you've played at the park for a bit.


I'll get back to you on St. Charles specific ideas.



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I don't live anywhere near St. Charles so I'm not sure about parks there. If you decide you want to be inside though there is a gigantic mall: St. Louis Mills which is very close to St. Charles. There are a couple of play areas, go-karts, a skating rink, a big food court w/a carousel, etc.


Farther in there's Grant's Farm which would be nice for a group meeting. You go on a fairly brief train ride in the beginning & then can walk around.


Also, there's Suson Park, but that's in South St. Louis County. It's a park with a lake & all the various park basics, but they also have animals.

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We really liked the Anheiser Busch tour.



Oh, wait. That probably is not what you need, is it???!!!:D


Oh my gosh. That would be ideal for my older brother and sister-in-law. All they drink is Busch beer. I must not let them know of this. That would be bad. Very, Very Bad.

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OOO, Grants Farm could be fun! Thanks for the help!



My kids were just there for the first time (well ds went once as a baby) with their grandparents and had a great time. They're 7, 6 and 4 if that helps with age reference. There's a really yummy local pizza place not far from there in Affton that you might enjoy if you need a meal place. They're used to large parties. http://www.fortelspizzaden.com/ Mmm, Fortels. Makes me homesick.

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I used to live in both St. Charles and St. Louis...and first of all I want to point out that August is OPPRESSIVELY HOT! So, you will want to be somewhere near water and, preferrably, away from downtown. I would definitely go with St. Charles...and I would recommend Frontier Park...it is right on the Missouri River...it is adjacent to historical downtown St. Charles...with all its cute little shops and delicious eateries...and on the South (I think) side of the park there is a creek area that the kids can splash around in...or they used to be able to at least. Oh, and if you check the city website they have a calendar of events...they often have free concerts and festivals at this park...so you can check the calendar and schedule accordingly...whether you want to be there for an event or to avoid it. :001_smile: HTH

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