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My threat to take a case up to the State Ag workerd

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I hate companies or anybody doing wrong. In this case, my cable company was sending out bills (which constitute contracts) where they said they were providing me with certain channels, yet they weren't. (Not that I had ordered these channels but if I am being billed for them, I should be getting them). So yesterday I got on the companies chat line over the internet and do understand how they are doing the billing but the idiot on there claimed they had to send me incorrect bills or I would be charged more>:001_huh:. At that point, I said if you can't send me a correct bill, I will be contacting the State Attorney General's Office to complain about how they offer services (in the form of billing me for them) and then don't actually provide them. Well this morning, I got a phone call from the company telling me that they realize it is a serious problem to be misbilling and they will correct my bill and send me a new one and will investigate and correct their bill writing process so that everyone else out there gets correct bills too.


(The problem was that they were charging me for two almost exactly the same bundles- except the one that was 1/6th the price of the first had two additional premium channels listed that I had never ordered. The explanation was that the additional price was the phone service price but the premium channels should not have been on there and instead the phone service only should have been listed for that price and on the big bundle, no phone service should have been listed since I was paying additional for that.)

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