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Green tomatoes... educate me!

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Snow in Wisconsin has me fretting, lol.

The temps on my mountain are dropping at night, and plenty of our days are staying cool. We're a good half-zone colder than most of the area. I have a tons of green cherry and rutgers tomatoes in the garden, and I'm not sure they're going to make it to ripening.


I've never preserved any tomatoes - the kids eat them out of the garden as soon as they're red. I don't eat tomatoes (except in sauces and salsas, etc.) They've never eaten them green.


I do have hot water canning equipment that I haven't been able to use b/c we haven't had a surplus.


Any fabulous tips/ideas?

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I don't have any recipes handy but I've made fried green tomatoes and I also once for a dessert bar recipe that used green tomatoes (it was very good but I don't make it often because we usually can't get enough tomatoes to satisfy our desire for ripe ones so I don't want to pick any green and have fewer ripe ones) I think the recipe was from Taste of home.

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