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Please recommend DVD's for Middle Ages


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Considering I don't know what the libraries are like where you are, I'm not sure I should recommend this.


We really enjoyed this series, but I would never spend this much money on it. Our library has it.


Life in the Middle Ages DVD Series




Plus, we really like this Joan of Arc DVD:


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Considering I don't know what the libraries are like where you are, I'm not sure I should recommend this.


Compared to USA libraries, they're abysmal! Our library does not carry anything electronic (no audio, no DVD's) and only went onto a computerized catalogue and lending system earlier this year.


But its not only me reading this and I"m sure others will appreciate the recommendation.


I've added the Joan of Arc onto our wishlist.

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Following your suggestions and some Amazon rabbit trails my Middle Ages dvd list has grown...


Are there any of these that you've seen and can comment on?


History Channel: The Dark Ages documentary

Castle by David Macauley documentary

Robin Hood movie with 13 PGV rating.

Life in Medieaval times documentary

Going Medieaval WTM forum recommended documetary - Amazon streaming

Vikings Journeys to a new world (Imax) - documentary

Asterix and the Vikings For fun - animation

Normans - the complete saga documentary

King Arthur movie with 13V rating

Camelot musical

Excalibar movie with 15V rating (R in USA).

Braveheart movie with 13V rating (R in USA)

History Channel: King Arthur and Mediaval BritainHistory Channel: Crusades documentary

History Channel: The Crusades A Crescent and The Cross documentary

Crusade in Jeans WTM forum recommended movie

Crusade - A March through time Movie with PG rating

Kingdom of Heaven movie with a 15V rating and R in the USA. Crusades.

Knight's Tale Movie with PGV rating.

Mongol: The Rise to Power of Genghis KhanCanterbury Tales: Complete BBC series A modern version of the Canterbury tales which have a 15 rating.

Marco Polo mini series

History Channel: Plague documentary

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives WTM recommended

Lion in Winter movie - Henry II of England

Great Kings of England Boxed SetMohammed - The Last Prophet

Joan of Arc - WTM forum recommended movie

Joan of Arc - movie

History Channel: Russia-the Land of Tsars documentary

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