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We're ready!

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We are walking with ISF tomorrow for the Strut your Mutt fundraising campaign.


DD and I did some shopping for the dogs, a new leash for hers, a new frisbee for mine and some treats for all. DH loaded the crates. The three dogs we are taking got their baths. We bought royal blue fabric and made neckerchiefs for them with their names (plus that's our groups color). The great dane we are fostering has one that also says, I'm Adoptable! Maybe she'll find her perfect family!


DD and I also painted our nails blue and added fun french tips, lol. I didn't do too bad for my first time doing french tips. DH said they were a little wild, lol



We are bringing Dd's GSD, Riley the dane and my frisbee dog, Sophie. I hope to enter her in a competition.


This is what she does and she's almost 6 feet off the ground right there-she gets much higher than that, it's just hard to tell as my parents property rolls a good bit.



We head out bright and early to get there by 7:30 am. I hope to have lots of pics!

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