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pierogie maker

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NEver worked for me. I have a system. I make roughly 96 at a time relatively quickly. Just by hand. What helps is to keep (barely) damp paper towels near by. Lay out a dozen rounds, keep towels over half. Dip your fingers in water, coat the rim, then use a mini cookie dough thing, you know the kind you scoop and squeeze....drop in the middle then press.

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They are the best to me! :D


Maybe your mom should start a business. Have you ever eaten those frozen one's from the grocery store? :eek:


Nah, she doesn't like cooking! She's fantastic at it, but doesn't really enjoy it.


Quite often, yep. Actually the Mrs. T's brand are pretty good if you can't have homemade. Homemade is of course the best, but ya know...they take so much time! Perogies are a staple food at our house and I haven't learned enough from the master yet. ;)


I wish I knew how to post pics, I would post a pic of DD learning the fine art of holiday food (homemade is for special occasions like Christmas). She was helping Grandma pinch perogies two or three years ago. It's so cute.

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