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What do you think it was?

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DD 13 came back to from her solo nature walk really freaked out.


She went way up our hill, across the hayfield and into the woods up there alone for a walk. She said she was standing there looking at some cool tree stump when she heard someone/thing thumping through the woods. She looked up, saw something dark and tall ---looked like a person or a bear standing up--- she thought it was me and called out to me. It kept walking away from her with heavy ponderous (HS kids and their vocab :D ) steps.


She then remembered the bear that's was spotted at Gma's 1 mile down the road earlier this summer and she ran home.


I went back with her because I thought at first the BIG animal-like thing was one of our horses who'd figured out the electrical tape holding them in the pasture wasn't electrified. :D That's when she kept going on about it walking on two feet. And that it was really tall. Dark. And BIG.


Now they're wondering how long a bear can walk on two feet.


What do you think it was? We're in the Midwest US.

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STange things in IL indeed. Last week DD [11] and her friend [12] said they saw 2 monkey in a tree behind the tracks. :001_huh: They came home all giddy and excited took my bananas and ran back.... I had to run after them b/c I mean if it were true they could be crazy monkys.......


They were gone by the time I got there. :tongue_smilie:

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Well, they (Southern IL and surrounding areas) have something called the Cairo Triangle (the midwest edition of the Bermuda Triangle). There is a lot of paranormal activity there (regardless what you believe it all is or caused by).


interesting! When I was a teenager we use to drive on this old dirt road in Bloomingdale or near there..... old farm use to reside there where legend has it mass murder or cult something or other took place and legend has it that if you drove down the road you would witness or feel odd things....

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It really depends where on the Midwest. The book Haunted IL and lots of other books & shows have a lot of claims of freaky similar things in Southern IL. My high school Environment teacher had a lot of photos of panthers from his back yard (absolutely believable!), and so did many of my rural friends. I would not discount there being bears farther south near Shawnee. However, in these parts, I'd say it's more likely to be a big hairy hunter. :lol:

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There are a lot of displaced bears this year, with the drought. My guess is bear.


A bear was seen just one mile down the road earlier this summer. So it probably was just a bear.


DH was out this evening and saw something big moving & loud moving through the woods too. He was looking for something because of dd's experience. He thought it might be a bear.


Guess we'll keep the kids out of the woods for a while. I hope it isn't making it's winter's nest here. It is supposed to snow tomorrow night.

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