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Ds realized i'm not a big meanie!

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We were out at a diner yesterday with my father for lunch. Ds was in the middle of eating, and decided that we had to have a serious conversation.


Ds- mom, from now on, when it's close to 6:00 make me get ready for bed. When it is 6:00 make me go to bed and stay there to go to sleep.


Me- What about when you've been in a great mood and want to cuddle and watch a movie?


Ds- No movie. But you can cuddle.


Me- what do i do when you argue for just 5 or 10 more minutes?


Ds- just say no and take the toy.


Me- but you fight me.


Ds- you're still bigger, just drag me!


It was awesome. I'm happy that he's realized I'm not being mean when i make him go to bed on time. But i am sad that his bedtime has been off long enough for us to "need" this conversation.


Tonight, he took melatonin right after bath at 5:50 and was sound asleep by 6:15. We read Who Wants a Dragon, Chicken Butt, and Just go to Bed. He put on his bedtime playlist on the ipod and passed right out.

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Sounds great if you can get him to have that much sleep. I read that the rule of thumb is, kids will act one year younger for every one hour of sleep they missed out on. Although of course, they don't all have precisely the same requirements to start with.


My 7yo falls asleep by 8pm on a good day and is up at 7am or a little before, so she gets close 11 hours sleep, but I think she'd benefit from another half an hour if we can manage it.

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