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Movie adaptations of Shakespeare?


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What movie adaptations of Shakespeare's plays have you enjoyed, particularly ones that are suitable for young children (under 11)? We read the Lambs' version of "A Comedy of Errors," and the children thought it was funny, but I think they'd get more out of seeing some version, even a modern version, on a screen. Is there one that would be okay for them? How about other Shakespeare plays?

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There are 30 minute Shakespeare cartoon adaptations that we have been enjoying from Netflix. I think they are based on Leon Garfield books.


Oh, cool, those sound good -- thanks!


My kids love Gnomeo and Juliet. Actually just watched it today and it was funny. My husband and I love Shakespeare In Love, but it may be too mature. There is definite love / sex themes.


Yes, I love Shakespeare in Love as well, but it's definitely too mature for the kids. We've not seen Gnomeo and Juliet, though -- thanks for the recommendation!

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My kids enjoyed Shakespeare Animated Tales from BBC. I think each "play" is about 30 minutes but broken into 3 parts with 10-minute chunks on youtube. The complete video is also available on DVD.


Those sound great -- thanks!


I was previewing Much Ado for my 12 year old last night. I totally forgot that there are about 20 naked bums through the opening scene. She would kill me! LOL!


LOL, thanks for the heads-up! I'll preview it; it might not be a big deal, but I do appreciate knowing about it ahead of time.

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