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Book thoughts: Write These Laws on your Children (Kunzman)

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Has anybody else here read this book??? I know it's been out for a while, but I just read it last weekend and was somewhat annoyed...


The subtitle is "Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling," and I was hoping for more about the religious aspects of homeschooling and for insight into how various families educate their kids.


I found that while the book's insights are helpful sometimes, a) there weren't enough family profiles, b) most of the family profiles were unflattering indeed, and c) after spending the book asking homeschoolers what type of evaluation would be fair (most were resoundingly negative about the idea of even a very basic skills test for their kids), reached what sounded like a foregone conclusion anyway.


I know the author is a mainstream educator, but was this book a huge disappointment to anyone else on here... or do you feel it reflects accurately the picture of the "average" Christian homeschooler? From what you've seen in your communities, does this book really reflect the quality of parent educating taking place out there?


For instance, none of the parents interviewed seemed to believe in Teacher's/Parent's Guides (true, they're expensive, but can be useful, esp. in older grades). And then, in a truly agenda-driven way, I believe he interpreted the looseness of scheduling (and sleeping-in of parents) as laissez-faire teaching/parenting. (I took that personally because I am a night owl and we do generally start late... but get TONS done during our school time.)


Any other reactions to this book?

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