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New find at trader joes!!!!!!!! Look inside!!!!

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Just got back from TJ's and what a find I made!


I hardly ever buy dessert, but I fouind myself looking for more Caribbean Floes which are out of this world. They didn't have anymore (thankfully we have 5 floes left :tongue_smilie:), but something caught my eye.........


Pumpkin Ice Cream


It doesn't sound irresistable, but I like pumpkin. BTW, for you pumpkin lovers....International Pumpkin Pie spice is NOW on shelves. Stock up!


I proceeded to buy it, :auto: home and after walking in the back door I immediately took a bite.


It is SO GOOD! Try some!


Just wanted to share.

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Oh yay, that means it's the time of year for TJ's pumpkin butter! I stock up on it every year, and it's still gone by Easter. Yummy!!!





:lol: YES! I found one late in the season last year - no doubt a stray, so I bought it. Yikes, it's good!


They have pumpkin soup, but the ice cream won out. :tongue_smilie:

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Oh, yum!


That means they should be getting Pumpkin Granola soon, too. Our TJs didn't have any yet, but said maybe in the next shipment. I am preparing a goodie box to send to dd in college and she loves the pumpkin granola. A jar of pumpkin butter would go well with the Pumpkin Vias I am sending. (Did you figure out the theme of this goodie box???)


*patiently waiting for Peppermint JoJos season.*


Those are okay, but I am waiting, not so patiently, for the Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint JoJos.

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