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Teaching company H.S. history-anyone use them?


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I am looking at the courses taught by Lingwood Thompson from Bellflower highschool. He has "Early American History: native Americans through the Forty-Niners" and also "World History: the fertile crescent to the American Revolution."


They are on sale right now, I was thinking these might be an interesting way to cement our history courses.


anyone, anyone?


here are the links:


World History


American history


I want to add that they are courses taught on DVD...

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I just bought the Early American History to use this coming year. I hope to preview the first disc this weekend. I was told that the instructor dresses up in costume for each lecture. It comes with a study guide that has a few vocab words, several comprehension questions and a couple of essay questions for each lesson. The study guide includes the answers to all of the comprehension questions and the main points that should be covered in each essay question. It also comes with the standard TC course guidebook that has an outline of each lesson. The outlines are much simpler than in the standard TC courses. The recommended text to go with the course is The Story of America by Garraty. It does include a few other suggested books. I plan to use History of US since I will be using it with younger students rather than high school age students. (To clarify, TC does not mention History of US - it is simply what I own and plan to use.)

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I know these are intended for older grades but what ages would you say would be the earliest to benefit-as a general idea? Specifically the Amer History mentioned above?

I got the mailer too and they look really great!



My 8 year old loves them!

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I just got the catalog in the mail, too, but had never heard of this company before. It says this is a high school course, so does everyone who's seen it agree that my 10th grader (ds15) would be challenged enough? They're not too young for him? He's historically performed slightly below grade level, however, I don't want to insult him.


I am also considering SL 120 American History or 420 American History/Civics. I like the idea of a DVD based course, however, because ds is also in full time public high school and doesn't have much time to read and review, etc. at home (and his resistance to it is great). He's always learned very well visually and these videos sound like they're very visually interesting with the instructor in character and all. I could still supplement with the SL books, too.


Does anyone know where we can see an exerpt of the TC DVDs? I didn't see one on their website.

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