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Yard & neighborhood signs for high schoolers -- are these prevalent in your area?

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They are here in south Louisiana...the mom in me always looked at them like advertisements for teens living in the home...it kinda freaks me out a little. I wouldn't put on in my yard. It's like those decals on cars with your kids name under or over them...like hey, here's my kid, their activity and their name! Come and get them...weird I know, but I've never used their names on stuff like that.

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NW Ohio and SE Michigan here...


We see these all the time. In the fall, you see "New Student at _____ School" signs (we had one in our yard - for the school we had called a week earlier to withdraw dd's application to - until we got home and took it down. :D)


Then there are sports ones - some like these, but also wooden ones in the shape of football helmets, basketballes, etc.


Then there are the graduate ones in the Spring. I mostly see these in the city and for the private schools.


We also see signs for various functions at schools in all the yards: plays, fundraisers, etc.


The window clings are huge here, both the stick figure families and the sports ones.


We don't do either. :D


I don't see them as a safety concern at all. :confused: Anyone who drives by some evenings knows we have children/teens here. And in a small town area, everybody knows which house has whom and which dc anyway. I can think of much more statistically relevant ways to protect dc.

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