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If you have used Mosdos Press Literature Jade and Gold (7th & 8th Grade)

Dina in Oklahoma

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We LOVE Mosdos and this is our second year using it for all our kids, and we are using pretty much all levels.


Yes, it is absolutely worth the cost. It is seriously the best anthology I could find. The stories are so engaging, all my kids love reading them and we have had nary a complaint about this since using it. On the contrary, we have had nothing but "Man, that was SUCH a good story, Mom!" from them. I have found the stories to be extremely thoughtfully selected to truly support character education without being preachy. They are touching, a couple brought one of my daughters close to tears. If you look at their web site and explore the various Tables of Contents, you will find they use selections from the finest writers, and that has helped our kids seek out full versions of the books on their own accord. We are reading Jack London now, and one of mine wants to read Sherlock Holmes as soon as her language level is high enough to really understand it. They never would have read them if I had suggested it myself, but they are getting hooked on the great writing.


It IS expensive, very expensive. It also is worth it and we consider it one of our wisest purchases. I would highly recommend the teacher's manual, it is chock full of info for the teacher and I use it religiously with the kids as we go through the story. It points out so much and is super helpful. It is also expensive.


We do not use the tests and I did not order them.


The workbooks? Well, we got them and do use them. I found that the vocabulary development pieces were very good, and that these are not your typical cheesy multiple choice waste your time worksheets. They ask deeper thinking questions, and help really break apart a story. We do not do every worksheet though. There are solid questions included in the textbook itself after each story, and for many families that alone might be enough to work with. We sort of do a combination of both workbook and a few text questions.


I can guarantee you that you will not be sorry about this purchase, I feel that strongly about it. As an aside, we have a recently retired lower elementary teacher spending 4 hours a week with our kids helping to listen to them read and guide some of their learning so each child can have some one on one time with an adult. She said to me that she was stunned at how good this was, and that she wished every school used it versus the "crap" they use today...that this was REAL literature that captivated kids, not made up stories to prove some sort of literary or cultural point. I agree 100%.


We bought most direct from Mosdos, and no, I don't think they have any sales. We have, when we can find them, purchased copies used from Amazon but they are few and far between.


Hope this helps!



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