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iMac owners/users- question for you

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Do you have a Magic Mouse with your iMac or the track pad?


Having used a Macbook almost exclusively for the last several years I'm considering getting the track pad since it's something I'm familiar with.


OTOH, I have heard great things about the Magic Mouse (and not so great things too).


One thing to consider is that we are looking at a great glass desk that would fit our space perfectly so if we do that, I guess I need to go back to an old fashioned mouse pad for the Magic Mouse to work? Ick.


What should I choose?

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We got the magic mouse, but since the iMac is DH's toy, I didn't know there was another option. I thought it was really cool. It works fine on a blank sheet of white paper, if you do get it, and use it with a glass desk, you could try taping a piece of paper to the underside of the desk IF it doesn't work without it.


The thing I hate most about the wireless stuff is how much battery power it eats up. We have rechargeable batteries JUST for the iMac.


However, something happened to the magic mouse (I couldn't say for sure, though it either involved DS spilling something on it, or DH gave it to someone) and we have a USB mouse with it now.


I liked the mouse option for letting DS use the computer. I liked the magic mouse because it was somewhat like my trackpad though.

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