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is there a preschool program like MFW but cheaper?


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DS1 is almost 4. I'd like a preschool program to help occupy him and help me interact with him a little more as I have trouble getting wrapped up in all the things that have to be done each day and not taking time to directly spend time with him. He gets in much less trouble when he's kept occupied and given some direct attention so the right preschool program could help in both areas. I am NOT at all concerned about him learning letters, sounds, etc this year.


I was thinking about doing something like a combination of MFW preschool (easy hands-on, very light, no schedule) and a booklist like Sonlight pre-K. MFW is kind of pricey though...is there a program out there that's somewhat similar but less expensive? I don't mind assembling/locating things myself if it doesn't require too much time & energy (ie I don't want to spend hours cutting things out and laminating them...he'd destroyed laminated things anyway!). I guess I mean I don't mind gathering the pieces for the program myself, but once I gather them I want to just be able to get something out and give it to him. I'm not looking for arts & crafts programs, they'd never get done here. I wouldn't mind a program that has a booklist + a few go-along activities included like Sonlight pre-K, or something with Bible verses included. I'm not a fan of FIAR.

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crazy idea? get mfw's preschool activity cards and do similar activities with toys you either have, or make similar toys? you can trace shapes on cardstock and then punch hole in sides for lacing toys...

stack blocks... make your own number peg hole and use something to stick in them. well, actually, I'd probably spend the money on the number pegs and board.. we used those for years...


maybe you don't need all of the stuff in their package, but just cards and one new toy.. then make similar stuff or use things you already have to do similar kinds of activities on the cards?


check library for any music or bible songs from church...


and if you haven't heard mfw's workshop on occupying preschoolers... maybe get a copy of that for ideas? not everything on that workshop was just about how to use the specifics in their packages.. you can buy that from them... or follow this link to some other info how to hear that talk.. (look in this thread for a link with hche in it... I don't know if it still works on the site.. but this thread....



anyway.. that might spark ideas with things you already have?



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