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Oh My! Why didn't I find this site sooner!

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In the process of throwing out my color choices for my bathroom project (they just weren't meshing for me) and looking for some new ones, I found this site called Designs Seeds.


This place is too cool! I found this one and this one that I really like. In the first one the color of my sink is the second from the left...I'm thinking dark brown cabinets and sand on the walls with white trim...or with the second one the darker slate grey on the cabinets and a light grey on the walls.....hmm...shower curtain is definitely going back but I've seen some already that I like so I'm good, lol.

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I believe that is the website that posts on Pinterest. Thanks for finding this and posting about it. I am going to link it on my Pinterest boards.


I like both of the palettes you have selected. I like the lighter color brown for cabinets. In my mind the darker one is a tad too dark.

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I'm going to pick up testers for the slate, dark and lighter browns for the cabinets and picking up a couple for the wall. Oh and I'm going to look for some pretty decorative tiles to possibly frame my mirror after I glue it to the wall. I found a pin that showed a lady who did that to her mirror. It turned out really nice. I'll do that or I'll frame it in white trim...but I still have to glue it up. Right now it's just attached with clips. I thought about buying a new mirror, but that big mirror really brings in light from the hall and is very useful when two people are getting ready in there :D

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