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Math U See Epsilon (Fractions)


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If you have used this, do you feel fractions are clearly explained? I was looking at the sample lessons and it looks somewhat confusing to me.


My dd has had an intro to fractions with Singapore, so I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get MUS Epsilon or maybe I should go with something else? Like maybe LOF or Key to Fractions?


Anyone have any advice?

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We have only watched up to lesson 7 of Epsilon (and we only use it as a supplement just because I already own it) but I think the explanations and use of the fraction overlays so far is excellent.


FWIW, I looked on the website and saw that they had lesson 7 as an example. I think they should have shown an earlier lesson.... lesson 7 is hard to jump into without having seen the previous lessons.

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