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Today is our 10 year anniversary,...


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Feed the kids early, put on a movie for them, or something special that they don't normally get to do.

The have a special candlelight dinner just for the two of you. Make his favorite food - and bribe the kids to be good and stay quiet for you :) Bribery always works.

Give him a homemade coupon book of promises for other nights/days/dates when you'll have more time together.

Set up a date in the not-so-distant future with a babysitter and have that date in a card for him so that he knows that - while you can't celebrate that night as well - you will later.

Celebrate your 10th all year :) Maybe make a string of dates - one a month - pre-set with babysitting?

I know it's simple, but you are kinda stuck for time.....

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I agree with the coupon book for future dates. My DH likes things like that and you can really personalize them so they are extra special.


Also, pick up a few things for him and pack a small bag for him when he heads back into work tonight. Does he pack a lunch? Just grab a few of his favorite snacks, put in a sweet note, if you have time print out a pic from your wedding day or another special time and put it in there. I'm sure he'll love to know you were thinking of him, even if he has to go into work.


I think sometimes it is just nice to know that your partner knows you. Just sending him off with some small things that maybe only you know he really likes should make him smile and feel loved. And definitely make a real date night soon.


Congratulations on 10 years!!!!

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