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What do you grow indoors in the winter?

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I've actually grown tomatoes indoors successfully. Several years ago I did an experiment with sungold tomato plants. They grew great! I started them January 1st and by mid-April, they had literally grown all the way to the ceiling and were loaded with tomatoes.



good blessed by erika_waz, on Flickr


This past winter I tried growing a dwarf tomato plant in the only sunny spot I now have. A dwarf will only grow to about 4 feet or so. It did grow, and produced tomatoes, but I didn't find them tasty.


I've also grown salad greens under lights, so I'm sure they can be done in a sunny window. They dry out quickly though, so they need frequent watering.


Herbs will also do well in a sunny window. And this winter my wintering over project is to bring in a ghost pepper plant and put that in a sunny window. Peppers are rumored to be more abundant the second year of growth, and here in the north they don't get a chance to have a second year, so I'm going to try and make one.


I do miss those great big sunshiney south facing patio doors. Anything and everything would grow there.

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I've had the best luck with cool-season plants that don't require as much light. A lot has to do with the intensity/ amount of sunlight in your window and how cool your home is in winter. I could never do tomatoes without fluorescents and heat because our winter days are only about six hours long and my house is too cool.


What has grown for me is looseleaf lettuce, broccoli raab, spinach, radishes, herbs, kale, and peas (in hanging window baskets with the vines spilling over).

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