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Are Right Start games confusing as a supplement (2-ten? emphasis on 5)


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We just bought the Right Start game set for my daughters. For the most part, I really like what I see. We are currently using Singapore and it has a focus on making 10. From what I see in RS, they do a focus on 5. Is that right? Are the 2 concepts confusing to merge?


Also .... place value....

What is this 2-ten 3 (23) mess?!?! I look at that and just :eek::eek::eek: !

Do you RS users like that terminology? Find it useful and *better* than the traditional method of teaching place value? I'm not actually using RS curriculum...I'm not sure I can actually bring myself to SAY 4-ten 5 (45) like the book instructs.... Anybody have any clarification for me?


Last question: what's your favorite game?! :D

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I just ignore that stuff. :D I get it - RS teaches a sub-base of 5 and there's some weird terminology in A (and maybe B) with what you're talking about where it mimics Asian style counting (for example in Chinese, place value is always much more linguistically clearer, because that's how numbers are said - 3 thousand, 2 hundred, 8 ten and 7 = 3,287), but I think it gets dropped.


We like...

ALL the variations of Corners (by far our favorite)

Going to the Dump (when the kids were younger)

Old Main (and the variations of it)

Addition War (and the variations of it)


There's more too... those are probably the ones we've made the most use of...

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Oh, good. That's where I was leaning. :p


Thanks for the suggestions. So do most people just start at the beginning and work through the games systematically...? or pick & choose?


The games are arranged by topic, so you can't really go all the way through. You would do every topic in addition (regrouping, adding larger numbers, etc.) before even doing simple subtraction or telling time if you did that. We skip around and play the ones we like. If there's a topic I think we need more practice with, I look for a game.

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I like the way they put numbers. It really helps ds5.5 understand the difference between 15 and 50 when he hears it (1-ten-5 vs. 5 tens.)


And the emphasis on 5 is going to help a lot, especially since they look at 6 as 5 &1, and 7 as 5 & 2, etc.


But I suppose if you're not going to go through the curriculum, there isn't any point in learning to think that way.

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