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introduced someone to homeschooling at lab

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I just had a blood draw and while there we started discussing our kids. She said her son just started K this year and she'd already been to the school three times. She said they were told he would be getting homework every night and he wasn't bringing any home. She contacted the teacher and was told that her son was so far ahead of the other students that she just let him do his homework in class so he had something to do. He has been getting into trouble in class for talking and fidgeting. He has had recess taken away from him for it. The last time the mom went in, she was told to have him put on Ritalin. This did not come from the teacher, but someone in the office. When she has talked to her son about his difficulties he says he has nothing to do in school and is bored. She said she has been working with him on stuff after school to keep him learning new things. She doesn't want him to just sit in class and wait for something new to be introduced to him. She was trying to figure out how best to help him. I mentioned I homeschool and she asked how that worked. She said it sounds perfect for her boy. She doesn't want him hating school. He went in wanting to learn new things and hasn't yet.

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I have never understood the logic behind this all too common practice.:confused:


I know! When my kids start getting that way I tell them to go play for a while and then bring them back on task.


The last few times I mentioned homeschooling in passing, it ended up turning into really wonderful discussions with the person truly interested in how it works, what the "rules" were, and no negativity at all. Including at my annual gyn visit. THAT was interesting. :lol:


I had a discussion about it during my gyn exam with my DR! I found out his wife homeschools their older son. That was weird though.

I had a good discussion with a bank teller last week as well. She was truly curious about it.

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