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Just wanted to say thanks - MCTLA, LOF and RSO Chemistry are big hits!


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We are really enjoying school! I am so glad to have learned about these curriculum choices via this board!


We have flown through Apples & Butterflies, and I have to put the other Fred books on top of the tallest book shelf or she would steal 'em and read 'em ahead of me. At the end of last year (traditional school 1st grade), she told me she didn't like math because she was not good at it. Just last week she said, "I used to hate math, but now I love it!" She even asks for Fred in place of a bedtime story...


MCTLA - love that, too. Never in a million years would I have expected to have a 7yo to bring a grammar book to me and pester me to read it with her. I purchased both a student and teacher book for Grammar Island; yesterday she asked, "Do you really need your own book? 'cause I was thinking we could just use one and cuddle up together while we read." Heartmelt! And yeah, she has all the subject and object pronouns memorized... magic stuff. :)


In science, we make a mess every other day, and we love it.


There are some other, more mundane parts to our school days, but I am so very pleased to have discovered these alternatives and supplements to dry curriculum. Thanks for sharing so enthusiastically when I was asking a thousand questions back in summertime!

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