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Testing Forms Question


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Good evening, all!


I have a question regarding filling in some information on paperwork, I'm hoping someone can help me out.


I've gotten the fifty-two bajillion forms from the Gifted Development Center, and have begun filling them out. However, it asks if a) my son's vocabulary is advanced, and b) examples of this. Thing is, DS is my only child. I don't know what's normal for a child his age and what isn't, so I can't well say whether his vocabulary is truly advanced, or merely a product of what those of us around him speak daily. I'm running on the assumption (for now) that his vocabulary is advanced, as he has yet to use words he doesn't know, and has shocked the bejeebers out of me using words like "inquisition" appropriately in sentences. I'm just not sure how to answer the question, and am hoping folks here can point me true.


Thanks so much (and feel free to ask questions if I've left out details that you need!) for your time, I really appreciate it!!

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"Inquisition" isn't normal for a 4 year old, no. I'd write that down!


The best way to fill out those forms is to spend a few hours with other kids at his age level. Go to a library storytime, a park day, etc. and be a fly on the wall for a while. Then say "oh, that's so cute... how old is she?" In your mind, you'll be thinking a child is 2-3, but the parent will reply 4-5. That's how you know your child is advanced. If another parent does the same thing to you and replies "wow! what a smart little boy" or worse, says "yeah, right" with an eye roll, you know your child is advanced.


Also, watch what's on PBS during the morning hours. Those shows are targeted to preschoolers, because gradeschoolers aren't home. Then watch shows that air in the afternoons when school lets out. Which shows actually teach your child something new? Probably not the morning shows.

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Thank you so much!


I can never really tell what "normal" is - DS is an only, and the only kids we see on a regular basis are much like he is (though his best friend's mama is an astrophysicist, which is fairly indicative of what daughter is like!), so... I guess, and I never know! Thank you for the suggestions! I'll keep an eye to PBS - I only have it while I'm at my mom's, so I only have a couple days to check it out, though I suspect that it'll be much like Sprout is... Maybe I'll go to the PBS website and check the lineup, then I can see what shows are airing when, and check out individual episodes at home... Why, yes, I am an overthinker!


I have no idea how many words are in DS's vocabulary. No clue. He had 5 words at 18 months, and hit 75 by 22months, then I stopped counting. I know he knows a lot of words, and uses them. All. Frequently, rapidly, and loudly. All day long. :tongue_smilie: Aside from that, though, I haven't counted. ^_^


I will take a look at the more "normal" places for the kids to gather, and watch for PBS shows (he loves Sprout, though none of it teaches him anything, nor does the Spider-Man he adores), see what shakes out. Thank you so much for replying!

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