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Gift help for Baptism

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Finally date is set for kids Baptism, and now I am trying to figure out gifts for kids, and outfits, and gifts for godparents because they are coming from out of town. I was going to do personalized necklaces from etsy for the godmothers, but I couldn't find anything that cost around the same price for godfathers. I did find a personalized bookmark that I really like but it is much cheaper than the necklace (like half of the price). The bookmark will have a little dangle that will say DD's name and a little cross with some beads.


The bookmark can hold about 4 lines, and about 37 characters a line. The example has about 30 words plus punctuation spread over 4 lines. I am in need of some ideas for quotes for a godfather who loves to read, is a philosopher (has his masters degree& published), and godmother who is quirky/playful/fun but loves to read.


Other than that, the dress I bought for DD doesn't fit and I have been trying to get a hold of the company all week because the measurement of the dress is NOT what they stated on their website. If the dress had been made to specifications, it would fit perfectly. :glare:


I need to make decision/place order for gifts by tomorrow so the personalization has enough time to get done.

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