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Baby finally came! 41 weeks 5 days.

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Jack is here! He was born in my bed, after about 10 hours of labor, one hour per pound, lol. He is 10lbs 2oz, with a 15inch head! He was asynclitic as well, but my midwife Kelli turned him at the end, thankfully, and did some amazing work helping him be born. He's doing GREAT, nursing like a pro. I'm not going to lie, I'm very very sore and exhausted, but that is to be expected when you are 5''1" and have a toddler come out of you! He pinched or irritated some neves that go to my right leg during pushing, which was actually more painful than any of the rest of it and I have some residual numbness in that leg and foot that I'm hoping will just go away as swelling goes down. Otherwise I just kind of feel hit by a truck, but am doing better every minute. I'm so so so glad I had him at home, with Kelli, as I'm sure that being complete for so long, with him not descending, would have meant a c-section at the hospital...or best case a vacuum extraction at the end or giant episiotomy or both. Her skilled hands helped me when I needed it, fixed his crooked head (reason for my first c-section), and helped me birth a baby over 10lbs, despite my medical records showing CPD(too big baby for my pelvis) with my first child, who was under 8lbs.


I'll post more when sitting at the computer is more comfortable. For now I'm just trying to rest.

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Congrats!!! I had that same thing, it sounds like... in my leg. Right leg, I think!!!! I was SO freakin' sore!! I spent all my money that I was suppose to use on massage on chiropractic work. I would seriously suggest that you get a massage and see if it would work.... or one chiro appt and then a massage. I had contractions in that leg... kinda... each time I had a normal contraction :(

It took a couple of weeks for it to go away... My mom just gave me some Organic Arnica Salve by Sacred Earth.... I would suggest something like that... It's incredible!!! Kinda like a sports salve, but better!!!


Congrats!! :)

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Congratulations to you and little Jack and all the family. Wishing you lots of rest, blissful milky cuddles and a speedy recovery.


(And it's so wonderful to hear that you got great midwifery care and weren't pressured into any intervention that you didn't need. With the previous CPD on file, it's unlikely that a hospy would have even let you plan a natural birth, let alone let you go to 41+5.)

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