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Science Topics Listed By Days of Creation?


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Science units are presented in the order of the days of Creation:


Day 1: Light and Energy (Physics)

Day 2: Air, Water, Weather (Chemistry/Meteorology)

Day 3: Rocks, Minerals and Plants (Chemistry/Botany)

Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars (Astronomy)

Day 5: Birds and Sea Life (Ornithology/Marine Biology)

Day 6: Land Animals and Human Body (Zoology/ Anatomy)


The HOW ebook has a slightly better list, but not much better. Motion and matter are added to day 1. Then there is a 4 year plan, but...I don't like it. But I get the added topics of electricity, entomology, and cell design from it. Year 4 is a long list of anatomy topics.


Both the website and the ebook list day 3 as chemistry. I wonder if that should be geology.


I'd forgotten I had this book :-0

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Is something like this what you are looking for?


Thanks! That looks good!


I'm also interested in the idea of teaching through the days of creation, each year. I don't want to reinvent the wheel is some OCD person has already spent years compiling a system to do this.


The $9.99 download looks like a good starter curriculum, but in no way does this look like a repeatable curriculum.


The Principle Approach has this method called the Chain Of Christianity. There are 10 links they teach for history each year. Some years they spend more time on one link, but they cover all 10 links each year. They cover different subtopics each year for each link.


I was thinking it would be interesting to see this method charted out for the 6 days of creation and if it's workable. I don't know if I'd use it, but my OCD brain just like to at least see this type of thing, once the idea gets planted in my head.

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