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WWS in high school question

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My ds is in 9th, and I'm having him go through the books at 1 1/2x the pace. Normal pace is four days of lessons/week, so he's doing 6 lessons/week. Each lesson = 1 day.


I think he will be able to keep up the pace at least for a while. He has other things going on and I don't want to overload him, but I'd like for him to get through all three books (if SWB can get at least the beta of WWS3 done in time) by the end of 10th grade.

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I cannot decide how I want to do it.


I'm thinking of having him do day 1 & 2 on Monday, day 3 on Tuesday, day 4 on Wednesday, leaving Thursday and Friday to apply what he has learned to a chapter in other subjects ( history, science, literature.)


But moving through the book at a faster pace sounds good too.


Decisions, decisions.


I know one thing, I wish it had been available when my son was younger. This has all the hand holding that I have been looking for!


Thank you SWB! You ROCK!



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