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What about Mom? I'd like to learn to play chess, too.

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Any ideas for free or really dog-gone-cheap resources for me to learn to play chess?


I already pay a pretty penny for sewing and fiddle lessons so I'm just not willing to pay much at all for this.


I'm also not sure what format would work best for me. I don't really think I'd like to spend MORE time online but then again, what else would be free? A book that could be got for cheap would be good, I guess.


My husband and daughter can play but I just get frustrated playing with them. I'm still counting . . . one, pawn can go here, two, pawn can go here. One, two, three, horse can go here. My husband and his boss play at work and they play by the clock grabbing and flinging and clock smashing and I hate that. He can play like a normal person but he's still faster than anything I want to play. My daughter can play either way but somehow, if we have time for a game of chess, we have time for something else and never do it.


I did ask my daughter to be my chess tutor and she was pretty excited about the idea but, as above, we'd probably never get around to it . . . unless we had a cool/interesting/really effective kind of book or lessons to follow.


so, any ideas for mom to learn to play chess?

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This is online, but it's pretty good, and it's free! ChessKids: http://www.chesskids.com/newcourse/index.htm. There are "lessons" where you play against the computer, and the difficulty and handicap levels change as you advance. Hope you find something that works! I played a little chess as a child, but just enough to remember the moves. Some of my kids did a chess "camp" last summer at the library, and there was nothing like the joy they had when they could start to consistently beat me! :)

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I got my daughter a computerized chess board online 5-6 yrs ago. You play with a real board and real pieces and it senses your movements and tells you where to move its pieces to play a "real" game with it. I think I paid $50 or so, sorry but I can't remember where I got it. Another option is to get a cd-rom chess game at Staples for $9.99 and play on the computer...

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