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Question re Preparing for the Greek Year

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My (8th/9th grade) daughter will be starting her Greek year next year with Angelicum/GB.


She has had Latin for y.e.a.r.s (several years b/f "Latin 1" had 1 and 2 then a yr off for Latin Reading and is now taking 3 for review and so she can take the NLE 3) and will have had Greek for one yr by then. She is very familiar with Roman History, less with Greek history. She definately knows her Roman/Greek myths and is very familiar with Norse and others.


She studies the Bible, just about has Aesop memorized plus many other fable collections.


She just LOVES Shakespeare but has only read R & J, Comedy of Errors, and a couple of others. She has seen those plus oh . . . the one on the island. She has never read the Greek plays, though, so since she likes shakespeare so much, we'll add those.


My question is this: given her bkground, what would you suggest she read to prepare for next year?


This is the list of books she"ll be reading:

The Great Conversation by Adler

The Iliad by Homer

The Odyssey by Homer

Theogeny by Hesiod

The Complete Fables of Aesop

Greek Tragedies – Volumes 1,2,3

Histories by Herodotus

Plato – The Collected Dialogues

Landmark Thucydides – The Peloponnesian War

Greek Lives by Plutarch

Aristophones – Clouds and Birds

Euclid – Book 1

Basic Works of Aristotle

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